Kate Hoey, Member of Parliament for Vauxhall

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Election Results 2017 - Vauxhall Labour Win

Early day motion 956 - Status of EU Nationals in the UK

Session: 2016 - 17

Date tabled: 21.02.2017

Primary sponsors: Hoey, Kate

Sponsors: Total signatuers 18 - Field Frank, Hopkins Kelvin, Stringer Graham, Shannon Jim, Meale Alan

That this House reiterates its strong commitment that EU nationals living legally in the UK should have their status guaranteed after the UK leaves the EU; celebrates the contribution made by millions of those nationals to the UK's public services, economy, culture and scientific knowledge; acknowledges the concern about their status felt by many people following last year's referendum decision; welcomes the Prime Minister's pledge that addressing this along with the status of UK citizens in the EU is a top priority in negotiations; and urges negotiators on both sides to resolve this as swiftly as possible to give the necessary reassurance the affected people deserve.

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Kate's message on EU Citizens

"I know that the EU referendum upset many people. I know that the result left some feeling anxious and depressed. Whilst we must respect the decision of the UK as a whole to leave the EU, I also respect and care deeply about the views and votes of the many thousands of people in Vauxhall who wanted to remain. In particular, I entirely appreciate the worries of EU citizens who live, work and contribute here – I am one hundred per cent clear that they must not lose their rights."

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