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Campaigning Update 24/05/17

Please note: Due to the tragic events that occurred in Manchester on Monday evening all campaigning will cease until tomorrow [Thursday].

Kate's message on EU Citizens

"I know that the EU referendum upset many people. I know that the result left some feeling anxious and depressed. Whilst we must respect the decision of the UK as a whole to leave the EU, I also respect and care deeply about the views and votes of the many thousands of people in Vauxhall who wanted to remain. In particular, I entirely appreciate the worries of EU citizens who live, work and contribute here – I am one hundred per cent clear that they must not lose their rights."

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Why #VoteHoey

Committed to high-quality public services

Reversing school cuts.

Introducing universal childcare.

Dedicated to keeping the NHS public.

Restoring our railways to public ownership.

Defending human rights and civil liberties

Supporting refugees and promoting LGBT rights.

Guaranteeing a fair Brexit that protects all EU citizens in the UK.

Avoiding unnecessary wars.

Security at work and a safe neighbourhood

Investing in good new jobs and ending zero hourscontracts.

Putting 10,000 more police on the streets.

A healthy, clean environment

Meeting our climate change targets.

Aggressively tackling our unacceptable local air quality standards.

Establishing secure tenancies for private renters.

A fairer society with opportunities for all

Ensuring the wealthy pay their share and £10/hour minimum wage.

Supporting disabled people and closing the WASPI women pension loophole.