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Kate Hoey MP
House of Commons

Office: 0207 219 5989


10 February 2017
westmin The House of Commons has now voted to allow the Prime Minister to trigger Article 50, so that we can begin the negotiations to leave the European Union.

Kate was pleased that Parliament had this role in beginning the process, making it clear that Parliament is sovereign and at the heart of our decision making. The Bill was very short, concise and straightforward, and Kate opposed amendments that would have added to its complexity and could have led to legal challenges and further uncertainty. She voted for the Bill, to enact the will of the British people as expressed in last year's national referendum.

Once Article 50 has been triggered, and negotiations begin, Kate is urging that the Prime Minister must follow through on her promise to make a very early priority of guaranteeing the rights and statuses of EU citizens in the UK, as well as British citizens in the EU. This will reassure many people that they are rightly valued and a key part of our country's future.

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