Richard Heller Endorses Kate Hoey

Kate Hoey: The Vox for Vauxhall 


Kate Hoey was my MP for fifteen years. I was sorry to lose her when I moved to a constituency next door. Whenever I took an issue to Kate, she pursued it with fierce energy. As a cricket fanatic, I especially appreciated her work with Surrey County Cricket Club, especially in trying to make the game available to local children and communities. As a victim of asthma, I applaud her campaign to clean up London's air. 

I myself have worked in Parliament, particular for two great Labour politicians, Denis Healey and Gerald Kaufman. I have also reported and analysed British politics as a journalist. For nearly forty years, I have seen hundreds of forgettable MPs come and go, people who did and said whatever their parties told them. Kate has never been that kind of MP. She has always made up her own mind and done what she thinks is right for Vauxhall and for the country. 

Although Kate has a mind of her own, she will of course be a Labour MP. If we get a Labour government she will be supporting and promoting Labour policies to save the health service, boost the minimum wage and create new rights for people at work. If Labour is in opposition, she will bring nearly thirty years experience to resisting the destructive Tory agenda, in a style which has won respect from other parties. 

And of course she'll continue to do everything she can to help constituents with problems and to make everyday life better for everyone in Vauxhall. 

Kate Hoey: she fights for you, she thinks for herself. 

Don't wait. For a better fate, vote for Kate! 

Richard Heller is an author and journalist. He was chief of staff to Denis Healey and Gerald Kaufman. His latest book is White On Green celebrating the drama of Pakistan cricket.